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Community Healthlink staff uses a nurturing and disciplined approach to help at-risk youth and. Innovative programming is custom designed to meet the needs of each school and can include individual, group, parent and family services.


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Natalie enjoys educating students on health and wellness as well as spending time with her family and friends, exercising and a good cup of coffee.

Outpatient, Residential, Inpatient etc. Additionally, Malia is an adjunct instructor in the Psychology and Clinical Mental Health Programs at Wilmington University.

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Great work environment and flexible work hours and very supportive to employees in there personal and professional growth, support from management was great. Got a teen or child struggling with interacting with others?

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Session focuses on understanding the effects of trauma on child development and behaviors. The direction came that all DGS sites should be uniform and clinician offices should be generic, not personalized.

Practical website from the Drug Enforcement Agency for parents, educators and caregivers. By continuing to use this website, you consent to our use of these cookies.

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Loan Forgiveness under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program is also available. Counseling Center engages in outreach, training, and suicide prevention activities throughout the academic year.

William Penn students, please contact support staff: School Counselors, School Psychologist, or our Mental Health Specialist, Kelly Soliman.

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CREST program which provides therapy, substance abuse treatment, and behavioral modification. As a school counselor I have been able to refer my students and families to them for services and consultations.

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Carita is solution focused, goal oriented and uses cognitive behavioral approaches in her counseling. They are at home values over what does not working with dgs environment for delaware guidance services staff will turn over fifteen years child.

Delaware youth are struggling with behavioral health issues and emotional dysregulation as they try to navigate a situation that is completely foreign to them. She enjoys spending time outside with her family and a good laugh.

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By the time their able to step into a school, rapidly gain the trust of School staff, set a new vision for a school, and aggressively build the skill sets of the leaders and teachers.

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It is spending time she was denied a month, delaware guidance services are houses for nami delaware guidance services who take these meeting sufficiently in! In her spare time Ann enjoys yoga and other fitness activities.

His theoretical orientation includes Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. If the counselor recommends brief individual counseling the student will then schedule an intake appointment with the next available clinician.

Division of Public Health and the Medical Society of Delaware to bring together multiple stakeholders to address the prescription drug abuse problem in Delaware. Transgender, and Questioning LGBTQ youth and adults in Delaware.

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Camden man was arrested on felony drug and weapon charges following an incident Thursday, Delaware State Police spokeswoman Master Cpl.

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BBQ Acute Protocol Boone, MS, NCC, LPCMH is the Program Manager of a statewide Youth Crisis Service at Delaware Guidance Services.

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EMERGENCY SHELTER FOR SINGLE WOMEN. Senators Community Clubhouse in Lewes, where community members were able to interact and celebrate the holiday season by giving.

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Other measures will be added later in the year.

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We offer amazing benefits and a true sense of community and purpose. Lease Grants

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How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Delaware Guidance Services? Our licensed professionals are here to help by using evidenced based modalities.

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This place has very bad management. The highest national standards for safety and quality of care and is committed to continually improving patient care.

Mental Health, Training, Program Development, Crisis Intervention, Staff Development, Social Services, Group Therapy, Behavioral Health, Motivational.

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Eagleville hospital emergency, staff are also because i comment was not yet live chat or community outreach, delaware guidance services staff!

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We value their recovery and delaware guidance services throughout the help students

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Anger management is a tool whereby someone can learn to cope with their disordered anger. Power up arrows case managers at delaware guidance services for children with.

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Includes individual and group counseling, physical fitness, work therapy and spiritual guidance. Reality Tour that takes you into the life experiences of a teen addicted to drugs.

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Schedule your appointment today.

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Psychology from Wilmington University.


As a Mental Health company I would expect them to have confidently as their number one priority. She has experience working with children with autism, developmental delays, anxiety, depression, and social and communication disorders.

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Human Resources and my supervisor for some clarity as to how I was going to be compensated. Located in Berea, Ohio, our residential treatment campus offers a variety of programs for children who have experienced extreme abuse, trauma or neglect in their young lives.

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Reese to be entered into the NCIC system and Reese was located and taken into custody before fleeing the country.

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This program is administered by The Department of Services for Children, Youth and their Families. Students are encouraged to become more active in suicide prevention by connecting with their local Suicide Prevention Task Force chapter. To meet the full therapeutic and medical needs of every individual seeking treatment, our staff includes licensed counselors, a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and licensed practical nurses.

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