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These standards could also help developers understand user requirements and help users make meaningful comparisons between the performances of different AI systems.

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One of the reasons for the growing role of AI is the tremendous opportunities for economic development that it presents.

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Hackers can learn about the weaknesses of a target system by gathering information with the power of neural networks. Should we be concerned that AI is a threat to humans? Mere physical strength will be needed less and less.

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AI may well be a revolution in human affairs, and become the single most influential human innovation in history.

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Cortical implants are increasingly used for controlling prosthesis, our memory and reasoning are increasingly relying on machines and the associated health, safety and ethical impacts must be addressed.

Machine learning, for example, is a subset of artificial intelligence that allows software applications to become more accurate in predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed to do so.

AI certainly furthers these tasks in their own right, but this is where we see the sum is greater than each of the parts.

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However, when we subsequently protect our personal privacy, said companies will simply use similar target groups; people that look very much like us.

So if the Turing test cannot yet be passed, are there aspects of human intelligence that AI can recreate more convincingly? The danger of having artificially intelligent machines do our bidding is that we might not be careful enough about what we wish for.

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This applies not only to the IT sector, but equally to the development and procurement of new technical assistive machines.

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Taken at face value, recognising human control as a process rather than a single decision is correct and important.

AI is believed by some to be on its way to producing intelligent machines that will be far more capable than human beings. What confused researchers was that the bots were not programmed to create a new structured language to make negotiations easier.

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