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Bourdon was granted the Bourdon Tube patent, tag number, and key considerations require some analysis. Most gauge sensors contain a single pressure port on the process side and ambient pressure is applied through to the back of the sensing element via a vent. Content marketing platform for the Process Industry.

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A manometer works on the principle of hydrostatic equilibrium and is used for measuring the pressure static pressure exerted by a still liquid or gas Hydrostatic equilibrium states that the pressure at any point in a fluid at rest is equal and its value is just the weight of the overlying fluid.

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In pressure transmitters for liquids we use ceramic or stainless steel pressure measuring cells. Piezoelectric sensors rely on the piezoelectric effect in certain materials such as quartz to measure the strain upon the sensing mechanism due to pressure. Seven Steps to Pressure-Gauge Selection Manufacturingnet.

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The pressure sensor is the most commonly used sensor in industrial construction It is used in various industrial automatic control environments.