Effective behaviour to intervention by behaviour guidance

What is a functional behavioral assessment?

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Knowledge Excellence Loyalty Fairness Openness Faith Perseverance Family Personal growth Freedom Respect for others Friendship Responsibility Fun Security Generosity Serenity Genuineness Service to others Happiness Success __________________________ __________________________ Looking at your identifiedcore values, canyou align one or more to the change?

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Feeling the need to teach may signify that a student has not yet learned an alternative behavior, and Helplessness suggests immaturity.

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Repetitive misbehaviour Examples: all of the above behaviours listed under Serious Misbehaviour.

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Rather, Autism Speaks providesprovider and does not replace the advice of medical, legal or educational professionals.


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The student shall first be summonedto the office by the PRINCIPAL unless this could compromise the safety of the student, other students, staff or visitors to the school.

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Visual cue cards are often used for children struggling with verbal communication, or children with behavioural concerns.

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While the young person needs to have opportunities to engage in healthy social interaction with peers, the safety of others is paramount.

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An educator should always remain with the child.

RTI are universal interventions.

  • What happened immediately before the behaviour?
  • Adults who focused first.
  • Student to be removed from classroom for quiet time.